What is Ricing?

What is ricing? What does it mean to rice a computer?

Ricing is a process in which one customizes a computer operating system to improve the look or operation of the system. It involves the configuration of applications and the development and refining of workflows.

Through ricing, one can create a fully customized system that fits their specific needs or desired appearance.

What operating systems are best for ricing?

The process of ricing is typically done on Linux operating systems, however it can be on any operating system. However, Linux systems are typically used because of their ease of customizability, and due to the fact that they are open source. Ricing can be done on other systems, such as Mac and Windows, however, they are usually more difficult to rice than Linux systems.

Just as any operating system can be riced, any Linux distribution can also be riced. However, there are some Linux distros that are easier to rice than others. Generally, more simplistic distros, such as Arch Linux, are used as they come with less defaults and allow for more easy customization than other distros.